Our mission is to contribute to the development, production and safety of biological medicinal products. Thus we provide our clients of the biotech, biopharma and cell therapy industry with GMP-compliant mycoplasma testing, test validation, contract research and consultancy services, and high-quality products for mycoplasma testing.

Our clients benefit from our high-quality individual customer care and from our high level of scientific and regulatory experience in the management of mycoplasmas in an industrial environment. We therefore see our responsibilities go beyond mycoplasma testing, as we help our clients to understand and comply with the stringent regulations of the health authorities, minimize potential mycoplasma contamination risks and solve problems.

In order to help our clients to reduce long-term costs and to meet market demands, one of our key strategies is to support the development, validation and implementation of new NAT- or biochemical-based rapid methods for Mycoplasma Biosafety testing that satisfy the current trends and needs particularly of the rapidly expanding cell therapy field.


Our vision is to become the global leader in the mycoplasma testing service and products market while creating opportunities for our employees and generating sustainable shareholder value.

We want to be the partner of first choice for biotech and biopharma companies, cell therapy companies and research organizations all over the world, whenever mycoplasma testing and consultancy services and products for mycoplasma testing are needed.

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