Consulting Services

Based on our mycoplasma expertise and long-standing experience in mycoplasma detection, prevention and control, we offer a number of consulting and advisory services to our clients and partners. For detailed information and for specific enquiries, please contact us:


Root-Cause Analysis in Mycoplasma Contamination Cases

  • Source identification of mycoplasma contaminations
  • Species identification and genotyping of mycoplasma contaminants after isolation:
    In most cases, test results for mycoplasmas are negative and contaminations are not found. However, if a sample happens to contain mycoplasmas, the source of this contamination must be tracked down to prevent spreading and further damage. We at Mycoplasma Biosafety can offer fast and reliable identification of the contaminating mycoplasma species after isolation and to compare different mycoplasma isolates by genotyping methods (e.g., RAPD PCR analysis), which is the key to tracing back and eliminating the source of contamination.


Technology Transfer

  • Mycoplasma cultivation methods
  • Mycoplasma testing methods


Mycoplasma Expert Consultancy & Educational Services

  • Scientific consulting
  • Expert consultancy in mycoplasma contamination cases
  • Risk assessments
  • Expert commentaries on mycoplasma-related issues
  • Planning of PCR validation studies
  • Reviewing of document files for regulatory authorities
  • Lectures and seminars on mycoplasmas


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